Larger financial institutions could easily be accused of looking after their needs before those of their customers.

At Fluid Financial Planning we believe our role is to secure your future, looking after our clients’ financial needs is our most important goal.

Here are some of the advantages of dealing with Fluid Financial Planning:

Written Quotes

We can provide you with a written quote before you start the initial advice process

Fixed Fees

We charge fixed fees so you will know what you are paying.

Self Owned

We are not owned by a big bank, insurance company or external financial planning group.

Clients First

Satisfying our clients’ financial needs is our main priority, not meeting sales targets.

Solution Provider

We provide solutions, we do not sell products.

Investment Research

We have access to unique investment research.

One Off or Packaged Solutions

We can provide a solution for one financial need or we can provide a range of financial services to meet your overall financial planning needs.


Having our own financial planning licence helps us to be nimble so we can tailor a solution to your unique situation.

Reduce your fees

We will use personal risk insurance commission to reduce the fees you have to pay to us.