This package looks at your current financial situation and makes some general recommendations about where you are now, what is important to you and where you are going by looking at the facts of your situation.

Putting this in real estate investment terms this service is more of a renovation of your financial position rather than our usual knock down and rebuild full financial advice service.

It is designed to identify what areas may need a bit of work, where the dry rot is and give you some options to help you continue to move forward with more financial knowledge and confidence.

Our investment renovation package covers the following items:

Retirement Savings

Review of your retirement savings progress against a likely estimate of the lump sum amount of funds you will need in retirement, taking into account inflation and your current retirement savings.

Super Funds

Compare your super funds fees and performance against other super fund options that we recommend.


We answer your questions about superannuation ranging from what are the most recent changes in super and who do they effect, to should I look at a self-managed super fund or not?

Save Money

Identify where you can save investment fees and charges (if any), our clients have found this is particularly useful where they have existing investments. We have often identified savings that our clients can pocket from understanding their full investment or insurance commission charges.

Personal Risk Insurance

Determine if your personal risk insurance such as life insurance or income protection is too high or too low and if required provide indicative quotes for new levels of cover (either higher or lower levels of cover).

Factual Questions

Answer any other factual questions you have about investments, superannuation, investment taxation, direct share investing or retirement savings.

This meeting may run for up to two hours at the discretion of Fluid Financial Planning.

Refer to our general advice disclosure document for information on what is general financial advice.

General advice disclaimer

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(The cost for this general advice is a one off fix fee of $330.)

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